Thursday, July 3, 2014

Growing Trend: Safety Lighting

An effective lighting system cannot only provide a feeling of safety; it can also deter possible wrongdoers from your residence or place of business. While any light is nice for security, it is important to have a well-planned, well-designed system of lights for the best possible result.

However, there is a difference between lighting for safety and lighting for security. When lighting for safety, it is key to have enough lighting, to prevent visitors and workers from tripping on curbs or bumping into objects. Where as lighting for security, lights should provide facial recognition as well as determining intent of a person from over 30 feet away. In the application of security lighting, vertical foot-candles carry much more importance than horizontal foot-candles.

Technology is growing in security lighting, the electronic components, controls, dimming capabilities, and advanced LEDs are all new factors to provide better security and safety in your lighting system. LED advancements make more lumens and less maintenance, while increasing uniformity to provide better visual perception. LEDs have low energy consumption, which help save the user money while providing stronger lighting.

As new policies and utility rebates become available, they help push the security lighting market forward. Many communities are utilizing the newest developments in the industry to provide their residents with safer way of living. Since cities in the Piedmont Triad are 24/7 areas, security lighting is of high importance.

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