Wednesday, April 6, 2016

How to Set Your Thermostat in the Spring

The Spring weather in North Carolina is unpredictable, with temperatures sometimes fluctuating by as much as 30 degrees in a day. That weather fluctuation can reek havoc on your thermostat settings, and in turn, your electricity bill. Here is how you can choose the best settings for your thermostat in the Spring to save energy and save money on your electricity bill.

Best Spring Thermostat Settings to Save on Your Electricity Bill

According to research, your Heating and Air Conditioning system makes up for nearly half of your electricity bill. The energy it takes for a HVAC system to turn on and off is greater than that which it takes to maintain a constant temperature. Spring in North Carolina can show large swings in temperature changes, often systems to turn on and off if the thermostat settings are not ideal. Monitoring your thermostat during this uncertain time can be the difference in electricity bill savings.

If you’re like most people in North Carolina, you’ll want to continue to use your furnace when temperatures fall below a certain temperature. One way to cut costs on your electricity bill in the Spring is to keep your thermostat setting at 68 degrees or lower during the colder days when you are at home. Lowering the thermostat by 10-15 degrees when you are away or asleep can help you realize electricity savings.
If you have a programmable thermostat, schedule your settings to your preference. Most of today’s modern thermostats are programmed to manage electricity settings and therefore save energy in the long run.

Cold Spring weather thermostat recommendations - Set your furnace for 68 degrees Fahrenheit or lower when at home in North Carolina, and lower the setting at night and when you're away for four hours or more at a time.

Warm spring weather thermostat recommendations - For warm North Carolina Spring weather, set your thermostat to 78 degrees Fahrenheit or higher for your air conditioner setting when you’re home. When not at home, turn off the air conditioner and watch your electricity bill decline.

Making your home energy efficient in the Spring

Monitoring your Heating and Air Conditioning is not the only way to save money on electrical bills in the Spring. Beco Electric offers a 20+Safety Check program that can find areas of your home that are not only using unnecessary electricity, but also causing a potential safety hazard. Taking these steps can help you to lower your electricity bill all year long.