Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Big Five: What To Ask Your Electrician

It’s always difficult to pick the right electrician for a job. Your neighbor recommends one person, your brother recommends another, a website says this company over here is even better, and you just received a business card in your mailbox from someone entirely different. Who’s the right one for the job?

What makes this question even harder is that while there are many good electricians out there, a few unlicensed practitioners can still sneak in under the radar. Regardless of the electrician, you should know which questions to ask when you’re looking to hire for a job. Electricians should be able to answer your questions if they’re professionals. Narrowing that down further can be difficult, so we’ve prepared the top five questions you should ask when hiring an electrician.

1. Are you a licensed electrician?
This should always be your first question. Licensed electricians are trained to know the proper way to fix any job, and unlicensed workers aren’t. It’s that simple.

2. How much experience do you have?
It’s not entirely necessary for an electrician to have a decade of experience under their belt, but even a few years of experience will tell you they know what they’re doing.

3. Are you insured? 
All electricians should be carrying at least $500,000 in liability and workers’ compensation insurance.

4. What does your estimate include? 
It’s an all-too-familiar story. People hire unqualified electricians who then sneak less work for more pay. Make sure you know exactly what work you’re paying for, and you’ll avoid this headache.

5. How can I keep my energy bills down?
While they’re on the job, a qualified electrician will have useful knowledge about how to keep bills down, how to prevent future bills from popping up, as well as how to optimize your electrical use. It’s a good question to ask and could help pay for your next family vacation.

While these are our top five questions, you should certainly feel free to open up the dialogue with your electrician. You might also ask to see a work in progress, or if they can show you their permits.

At Beco Inc., our trained, professional electricians are always happy to help with any electrical need. We've served High Point, Greensboro, Winston-Salem and the surrounding areas of the Triad for decades, so you know you can count on us. Contact us anytime for a free estimate, or if you decide to use another contractor, we hope these five questions will come in handy.

Friday, July 17, 2015

The Beco Preferred Customer Program

For over 50 years, Beco Inc.’s electrical contractors have provided quality services to business of all shapes and sizes in Central North Carolina. During that time, we’ve established some valuable long-term customer relationships. As a way to show our appreciation for long-term customers that need ongoing services for their offices and facilities, we created the Beco Inc. Preferred Customer Program for our commercial and industrial clients.

It’s very simple. Customers who agree to a monthly maintenance lighting inspection will have a scheduled monthly visit by a professional Beco Inc. technician in order to inspect both interior and exterior lighting in your business. In addition, you will also receive a 15% discount on service labor rates for any services we provide during the term of the agreement.

As you know, it’s important for businesses to provide their employees with working environments that are both safe and productive. Maintaining good interior as well as exterior lighting is vital to those goals. Climbing up and down ladders to change lighting is not part of most employee job descriptions. As a preferred customer, we’ll maintain all of your lighting fixtures so that your employees can concentrate on their job.

Beco Inc. has the equipment needed to reach the highest places so you don’t have to make an unnecessary investment on something you may only use once a month. Beco Inc.’s bucket truck can get to the highest parking lot and exterior security lights to keep your employees and properties safe.

Beco Inc. recommends that our preferred customers keep an inventory of light bulbs on site. Beco Inc. will manage the inventory and include the cost in your invoice. And most importantly, your preferred customer discount applies to service labor rates on anything Beco Inc. does for you, whether changing out light fixtures or outfitting a new space for electrical service.

Keep in mind that Beco Inc. is a full-service electrical company with a fleet of 40 trucks and over 100 employees. Our highly trained and experienced technicians can handle everything from new construction to repair work on infrastructure. Beco Inc. has also installed integrated solar power systems for businesses, including operating a solar farm at our own facility in High Point. If your business operations require emergency backup power, Beco Inc. is the experienced professional for all commercial backup generator maintenance and service.

The Beco Inc. Preferred Customer Program sounds simple because it is simple. We’ll keep your lights on and give you a 15% discount on labor for any electrical services you need. Backing it up with friendly, responsive customer service and support, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you can rely on us.

So, if you’re interesting in finding out more about the discount that your business would be eligible for with the Beco Inc. Preferred Customer Program, give us a call today or fill out the simple request form. We’ll look forward to hearing from you. Remember, when it comes to commercial and industrial service, it’s best to call Beco Inc.