Thursday, October 1, 2015

Our Top Seven Electrical Tips For Around the House

Electricity is one of the most versatile tools at home. Thunderous in power, it can cause extensive damage or even start a fire if not properly applied. But it also powers our hairdryers and televisions, brings life to our rooms in unique ways and helps spread joy every holiday season. There are as many safety tips to remember as there are decorative ideas to employ using electricity around the house, and you often don’t know which appliances are energy hogs and which aren’t getting enough. So here is our shortlist of the big ones—our seven most useful tips for electricity in your home.

1. Energy efficiency is the buzzword of the decade, so make sure your light bulbs are CFL certified, you use timers or motion-sensor lights outside, and consider a yearly energy audit.

2. Electrical fires often start in the kitchen. Be sure to unplug any unused appliances and keep them away from children and pets.

3. Avoid overloading your outlets and power strips. That’s a dangerous spark waiting to happen.

4. Do not use water to try and put out an electrical fire. Go for the fire extinguisher instead.

5. Modifying or forcing a three-pronged cord to fit in a two-pronged socket can lead to appliance malfunctioning and dangerous sparking. If you have to, grab an adapter instead.

6. If you live near power lines, be sure to keep your trees and bushes trimmed to avoid contact with the line.

7. Due to a winter storm, a thunderstorm, an overloaded transformer or otherwise, your power is destined to go out at some point. Consider investing in a standby generator to ensure you’ve prepared for the worst.

While these tips only scratch the surface of the important role electricity plays in our lives, they’re a good start to better home efficiency, safety and enjoyment. You can always contact us through our website or call 1-888-969-BECO to speak to a representative about how to best use electricity in your home. Specialists since 1961, we offer electrical audits, free estimates on electrical issues, generators and much more, so feel free to drop us a line anytime, day or night.